Plush Dog Toys Make Great Gifts For My Boyfriend’s Dog

My boyfriend has always had a dog in the family and the dogs were always a big part of their lives. He named his favorite dog lovingly after his favorite surfer Kelly Slater. The dog’s name was Slater and he was a black lab who was really strong and muscular, even as a puppy. The dog meant a lot to my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and his brothers would play fight with the dog and they would wrestle him and Slater would always be up for a wrestling session with them. He was a tough and athletic dog and it was very hard for my boyfriend to deal with his loss when he passed away. He still gets teary-eyed remembering the dog to this day.

The new dog that my boyfriend has had in the family has become a part of my life and an important part of my boyfriend’s life as well. Even though my boyfriend still misses his dog Slater, the new dog name Ben, is a great dog to have in his life. I love to get the dog some gifts like some great plush dog toys that he loves having fun with. Getting something for the dog is always fun.