August 28, 2015

Choosing the Right Bird Toys

Keeping birds as pet is not an easy task, birds are normally very sensitive and need a lot of care and attention. So if you are interested in keeping bird in cage you need to do a lot of hard work. Following are some recommendation to keep your birds happy and healthy. First of all the cage of you birds must be spacious, according to the type and number of birds you have. This way, your birds would move around freely inside the cage, secondly it is recommended to keep the cage in a pace where birds can have fresh air and sunlight. But today what we are focusing on is the type of toys you can put inside the cage to keep your birds happy, healthy and energetic. Some toys provide great pet training play.
Putting some mind stimulating and colorful toys inside the cage is always a wonderful idea. There are number of toys you can put inside the cage, for example you can fit bird swing at a suitable place in the cage, you can also put beautiful colored balls. But all this depends on what types of bird you have in the cage, every bird has different type of tastes. For example, if you go to shop some toys for you birds, you will find number of toys for different birds. In simple words there are toys for large birds and there are toys for medium and small birds. If you have a medium to large bird purchasing with the following recommendations from a bird owner like me, try some toys crazy clutters, forage toys, bells, preening toys or any shreddable.

There are number of bird’s toys manufacturers, offering high quality birds toys. When you try to purchase such toys please insure if the toys are safe, durable and affordable. Do not put to many toys in a small bird’s cage, because you cannot put too many things in a small cage. if your birds are not playing with the toys you just bought, try a cardboard box or paper towel rolls are super entertainment.
Remember the presence of toys will keep your birds busy and energetic. It is also recommended to keep changing the toys inside the cage so that the bird do not get bored playing with it, as your birds are like children. It is also recommended to purchase bright color toys, so that it attract the birds. Some studies say that birds like green color, try to put some green plants around the cage. This way you can make your bird happy and enjoy your time with them.

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